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JBibtexManager (JBM) is a software for managing BibTex databases. Bibtex is a standard LaTeX bibliography reference format commonly used in Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics and other fields. This manager works on all platforms that have Java 1.4 installed. (tested on Windows2000, Mac 0S X 10.4.2, Linux (Redhat 8.0, SuSE 7.3 ) and is very customizable.


  • searching: author, title, editor, keywords
  • editing:add, delete, edit, copy and paste between tabs
  • detecting duplicate entries
  • sorting: key, journal, type, year, editor, keywords
  • automatic key generation
  • BibTex templates (customizable)
  • form templates (define your own forms!)
  • Language Support
  • import bibliographies formats
    • BibTex
    • ISI Web of Science
    • Medline/Pubmed xml
    • Scifinder format
    • OVID
    • INSPEC
  • export format
    • BibTex
    • HTML
    • Plain text
  • Misc
    • customization of fonts, colors, templates, window size, and tab position
    • multiple tabs
    • keyboard shortcuts to almost all features
    • editor with essential emacs and windows keybindings

Nizar Batada: Last modified: Tue Jul 15 2003